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1988-98 OBS Chevy and GMC Custom Designed Grilles

In2Go Custom OBS Grills will take your 1988-1998 GM Trucks to the next level. In2Go offers custom fabricated grilles for Silverados, Sierras, Yukons, Tahoes, Blazers and Suburbans. We have quite a few designs we are know for, but can also do full custom design with a variety of options and features to make your build stand out in the crowd.

We have a few existing designs with integrated offroad light round and rectangular as well as many of our popular letter bar styles each with online customizable options. Check those designs out below!

Our custom designs can be made with most options seen in the GALLERY including backlit letters, triple ambers, off road LEDS, and bluetooth full color RGB pixel/dream lights. Custom designs like these are priced base on these options along with the design and powdercoat colors. If you’d like to talk with our engineer/designer/fabricator regarding a custom design please message us through Facebook or Instagram, or use the ONLINE FORM on the CONTACT Page or the button below.

How to Swap Between the Chevrolet and GMC Style Grille Trim… Its Easy!!

In2Go Custom OBS Grilles use either the 1994-1998 Chevy Split Grill or more commonly the 94-98 GMC Sierra/Yukon Style Grille. These grilles are bolt on swaps between either the Chevy or GMC models and even the earlier 1988-1993 models can be retro fit with the newer style grilles. Parts needed to do the swap can be sourced on numerous online platforms including Amazon, Ebay or many other aftermarket parts suppliers. Parts need to swap a Chevy to the GMC style grill include the Main Grille Shell/Trim ($100-120) and you will also need the GMC style “corner lights” ($15-30) as they are slightly different from the Silverados. However, the Headlights and Parking lights do swap over with no mods needed. There are quite a few different headlight, parking light, and corner light options so this might be a great time to upgrade them all if you haven’t done so already. The factory grills are made of plastic and after 20-30 years of hard work many of these grills have broken tabs anyways, so replacing these items should already be on your list for your build… a little planning ahead will go a long ways here. The 88-93 will also need the “bumper filler” and “bumper filler extenstions” for a complete swap, which is the long and skinny piece of trim that mounts on the bottom of the grill moulding and the two side pieces that mount to the quarter panels. Watch a youtube video to get a feel for how easy it is! Many to choose but HERES ONE! We apologize but In2Go does not currently offer these parts for sale.

Some Grilles may require trimming in order for the grille to be properly installed. The modifications required are normally just trimming a certain portion of the stock grille mesh out, since it is one piece molded, and is very easy to complete. All cut lines are hidden by the so don’t worry about making clean cuts. All grilles include detailed instructions for installation and is easy to follow. We like to use a cheap harbor freight oscillation plunge saw to cut the grilles. They cost around $15 and are awesome for many other jobs were a flush cut is desired, and the cut grilles like butter!! But, cutoff wheels, jigsaws, and hacksaws work very well too. Please contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.

OBS GM trucks are considered to be all Silverados, Sierras, Yukons, Tahoes, Blazers and Suburbans made between 1988-1998. There are some leftovers from the Squarebodies that bled into the early 1990s and a few that lasted past 1999, but 88-98 are the core years.

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