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Rollers with Randoms SC

Thanks for finding us! Have you spotted us:

Want a Roller Filmed and Currently behind us?

  • Honk 3 times, wait for a thumbs up from us.
  • Change into left lane and hold the same speed. We may slow or speed up to get you into frame, or to get the best shot.
  • Watch for hand signals, at the end we will tell you to pass us.
  • Videos shot in 2.4K at 60fps (better than 1080p HD)
  • We tried for our instant rolling vids to be at least 15 seconds long, but traffic and other slow downs may cause a shortened video. Pricing will be adjusted at our discretion.
  • Choose from either just the raw video or edited with your choice of music.

Follow us on Instagram!! @RollerswithRandomsSC and message us their to claim your video. Roller videos start at just $15 and yours to keep.

If you don’t have and Instagram account please email us with Subject Line ROLLERS.